Sunday, December 27, 2009

He Musta Lost His Mind!

A gmail chain from last night:

Andy Orfalea to Tim, Kevin, Colin, Blake, Peter
9:46 PM (13 hours ago)

Just got home from work to see there was 1:40 left to play in the Lakers-Kings game. Lakers up 94-92. Let me give a brief description of what transpired:

No one can make a play down the stretch. Kobe is apparently in severe pain, his left arm or something. He's been shooting the ball primarily with his left hand according to the announcers. Ok anyways they battle but it comes down to about 15 seconds left and the score is tied 94-94. Kings shoot, miss and foul Pau Gasol on the rebound. He clanks the first free throw. I see Kobe give him his fist (of course from his left arm, and the way he reached across the lane he was just trying to make it obvious hes using his left arm). Pau seems unfazed and will for sure knock the second one down, he's 88% on the season....second shot, claaaank. So game tied kings ball. After a timeout Tyreke gets the ball and does the classic wind the clock down at midcourt while the crowd goes absolutely insane and the defender gets into position, just a great nba scene, very gladiator-esque. And who's defending Tyreke? Kobe. Of course. He looks so fucking intimidating even on defense. Tyreke winds it down until about 6 seconds then starts to shake and bake but doesn't really go anywhere. With about 2 seconds Tyreke tries one last dribble and spin to get a shot off. And of course Kobe reaches in and makes an incredible steal. Just for good measure he pounces on the ball like a fucking madman as the horn sounds. He holds the ball to his chest (with his left arm, of course) as his teammates help him up. Then this is the best part. As they go to commercial the camera zooms in on Kobe sitting on the bench drinking water and you can clearly read his lips "Is he fucking crazy? Is he crazt?" And he just has this perplexed look on his face like he's so confounded as to how Tyreke Evans would challenge him like that. He just shook his head and kept saying shit like "mother fucker must be insane". And they went to commercial and just fucking lost it. Rewinded it on tivo a couple times then decided to write this email. I fucking LOVE the NBA.

Blake Kobashigawa to me, Tim, Kevin, Colin, Peter
3:58 AM (7 hours ago)
AO, it is 347am on the left coast - I had to stay up and watch that
game on dvr. I actually laughed out loud when kobe put the stop on
tyreke, started shaking his head, gave ty the dikembe finger wag and,
as mentioned, uttered the phrase "is he fuckin crazy?". But it wasn't
just that, it was the look of sheer and utter disgust on kobes face -
as if tyreke was trying to do something absolutely absurdly
impossible, like turn water into gasoline or something. Swag was just
off the charts. Wow. Kobe almost made me forget that we shat the bed
on national tv on jesus' bday. Oh right, fuck.

Monday, December 14, 2009


After 25% of the NBA season, the Knicks are 5-1 in December and actually showing signs of life. One thing is clear, Danilo Gallinari has the talent to be a star in the NBA. Undoubtedly the best prospect on the Knicks, El Gallo AKA The Rooster has one of the nicest J's in the League. Something good happens seemingly every time he touches the ball.

Coach D'Antoni, get this guy more minutes and more touches! We need more of the Rooster.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Illadelph Halflife

AI has officially signed back with the Sixers ending his "retirement." Whether this move was for basketball purposes, ticket purposes or simple desperation it will help all those problems. After Lou Williams went down and the Sixers started to tailspin out of control they realized they needed to stop the bleeding somehow. Grabbing a free agent to patch up the roster could have helped that problem. However, grabbing a former MVP who was the heart and soul of your team and city for 10 years brings a lot more.

AI will start and will certainly provide the fire power that the Sixers lost with Williams. He will also provide the team and city with a much needed spark. I would expect the Sixers to start turning things around and playing to their potential. Not just because of the talent of AI but the effect he will have on his teammates, some of whom he's played with but other who simply know what he meant to Sixers history.

For the fans and city this is even more important. The Sixers are in one of the largest markets in the country and a great basketball town. Their tickets sales are at 29th in the EL this year. It would be naive to think that Comcast didn't have this in mind when inking AI. Philadelphia worshiped the Answer. He was the embodiment of what the citizens of South Philly stood for: he represented the struggle that they all represent, he was gritty, he was tough, he was the perpetual underdog, and he persevered.

When AI was shipped out of Philly to Denver it might as well have been a day of mourning on Broad street. The city lost its heart. Success may have stayed in Philly in other sports but Iverson was their pulse and bringing him back should revitalize both the team and the fan-base. A seemingly no brainer move by Comcast here.

The Answer may not be the missing piece to bring the Sixers back to the finals but his homecoming should be wonderful to watch.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Twelve games into the season its the Hawks of ATL with the best record in the L. Their 10-2 is no joke off an early cupcake schedule either. Their loses come @ the Lakeshow and @ Charlotte (okay the Charlotte, what the hell). But wins @ Boston, @ Portland, home against Denver, home against Portland, home against Miami. All projected playoff teams, not bad.

Obviously the ATL is on the rise and continues to bring the power balance in the EL more even in east and west.

Monday, November 16, 2009


There are plenty of reasons to hate Ron Artest. The Detroit melee. His annual post season meltdown. You can't deny, however, his passion for the game. Throwing Ariza's shoe? If MJ pulled this, everyone would beat themselves into the ground praising his "gamesmanship." Of course the Houston announcer thinks it should be delay of game. Whatever.

(I would make a post on Brandon Jennings, but my heart is broken. Scott Layden, Zeke, now Donnie Walsh...the Knicks' one good draft pick in my lifetime was Trevor Ariza, who was dealt with a pack of signed Isiah Thomas trading cards for the Basketball Player Formerly Known as Steve Francis. FML.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


With the 8th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks select Brandon Jennings of Lottomattica Roma.

Oh wait! The Knicks selected Jordan "DNP" Hill. Not the quick lefty point guard who dropped 55, 5, 5 last night on 21-34, 7-8, 6-8 shooting. Yea yea I know he did it against the Warriors who still haven't heard that you have to play both Offense and Defense in a basketball game. But you try going outside right now and hitting 21-34 shots unguarded period.

Last night he became the first rookie since AI to drop 50 in a game his rookie year (fitting as AI closes the curtain on his career). He totaled the second amount of points ever by a Milwaukee Buck (to Redd's 57). He totaled the 5th highest rookie point total ever (behind Wilt 58 twice, Elgin Baylor 57, Earl "Black Jesus" Monroe 56). And he became the youngest person ever to score 55, at 20 yrs old and 2 months ... in just his 7th NBA game.

No question the early favorite for rookie of the year. Imagine if LeBron was thinking about teams, would be nice to be going to play with a 20 year phenom like King James was once himself.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


This draft was better than everyone thought. 4 PGs already making an impact!